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Miss.V's Grab Bags

Miss.V's Grab Bags

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Discover the Excitement in Every Vivid Grab Bag!

Unwrap the fun with our Vivid Grab Bags, each packed with an assortment of our hottest summer items. Every grab bag contains a curated mix of stylish pieces, including:

- Trendy 2-piece sets
- Chic clubwear
- Versatile everyday wear
- Fashionable crop tops
- Elegant jumpsuits
- Flowing maxi dresses
- Playful rompers

**Choose from Four Exciting Grab Bag Variations:**
1. **1 Item for $30:** Get a single stylish item to refresh your wardrobe.
2. **3 Items for $60:** Receive three single items, each chosen to complement your unique style.
3. **3 Items (2-Piece Set and 1 Single) for $90.00 :** Enjoy one trendy 2-piece set and one additional single item.
4. **4 Items (2 Two-Piece Sets and 2 Singles) for $130:** Indulge in two 2-piece sets and two single items for a diverse and fashionable collection.

**Available in Sizes S, M, and L:**
Each grab bag is available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

Shop now and experience the thrill of discovering new favorites in every Vivid Grab Bag!